Anthemis Eecutita

  • TIME TO BREW: 7 minutes
  • KEY EFFECT: calming

Chamomile tea has a number of positive qualities, most commonly known for its ability to calm the mind and reduce anxiety. Its subtle, floral flavor make it a perfect brew for rebalancing body and mind. This tea is a great choice for those looking to improve a low mood during the afternoon, or just rebalance body and mind.

Because of the phenolic compounds available in chamomile tea, it is common for this brew to help strengthen the immune system and reduce infections. This makes it a great tea to sip during the cold and flu seasons. As an anti-inflammatory it can help relieve sinus pressure and related congestion issues.

Chamomile has shown to help reduce allergy symptoms, by helping regulate the body's immune response. As an antioxidant it has been shown to help improve unfavorable skin conditions, such as blemishes or wrinkles.

Chamomile is great tea for blending and pairs well with Lavender, Mint, and Ginger. Add honey or lemon to your brew for an even deeper calm while you sip. Look for organic sources for best results.