Taraxacum Officinalis

  • TIME TO BREW: 3 minutes
  • KEY EFFECT: cleansing

You likely recognize Dandelion from its annual appearance in your yard. This pesky weed is actually highly beneficial to living organisms and can be used to aid a number of ailments. Because of its rich blend of antioxidants, it is key to helping the body eliminate disease causing free-radicals.

Brewing a cup of Dandelion tea can have great affect on your overall wellness. It has been used for weight loss and detoxification as the diuretic properties help to eliminate toxins and improve overall metabolic function.

Dandelion tea can be purchased in-store or online, but you'll want to seek out the organic options. Even better is pulling this from your pesticide-free garden and brewing a batch fresh from the earth. All you need are a handful of the leaves, washed and dried. Steep in boiling water until the brew reaches your preferred strength. You can also dehydrate or dry the leaves and store for later use. You can also make tea from the dandelion blooms, following the same method above.

The slightly bitter flavor may not be to everyone's preferred taste. This herb combines beautifully with wildflower honey.