Camellia sinensis

  • TIME TO BREW: 2 minutes
  • KEY EFFECT: detoxifying

Green tea is highly rich in antioxidants and can help to boost the immune system while providing energy to the body and mind. Green tea gets its beautiful flavor from the Polyphenols which also are one element in providing rich antioxidants.

Green tea contains about half the amount of caffeine found in coffee. Some decaf varities are available but contain half the amount of antioxidants as regular Green tea and can also have high traces of flouride present. The amount of caffiene per cup of Green tea varies based on quality of leaf and time allowed to brew.

What makes Green tea so powerful is the combination of caffeine and amino acid L-theanine. L-theanine crosses the blood brain barrier which may aid in improving brain function. For some people, choosing Green tea over coffee gives them a more stable energy and no crash once it "wears off".

Green tea is a great choice for those looking to gain energy, lose weight, improve brain function, reduce cancer risk, and reduce infections.

Choose an organic blend where possible, or visit your local oriental store. An oriental store is more likely to carry a pure leaf, grown to higher standards than those found in a big-box store.